Luvabella from Spin Master: the most realistic baby doll!

If a child dreams of a younger sister, Luvabella will be a great way out: this incredible doll behaves like a real baby! New animated interactive doll from Spin Master, which is able to wave her hands, move her mouth and clap her eyes! Sensors are located inside the doll, and the artificial intelligence of the toy allows it to adequately respond to your actions. Moreover, this baby is also developing, learning!

She recognizes various objects, such as her apple and toys … she has a pleasant laugh … she is definitely a child. Neutral face, a little cartoony. Perfectly balanced sounds and movements. Nipple. And … you can teach her to speak and develop her!

This is the most high-tech and most realistic doll for today.

Is it good? Opinions, as always, are different. Many adults say that she is … “creepy”, such realism even scares. You will either love this creature (it will surely please those who love reborn dolls and antique porcelain dolls) or hate it. Indifferent to remain unlikely to succeed. But what will definitely be a fact is that in children this doll will be a 100% hit and the most desirable gift. The illusion of life and the ability to manage it is something that always attracts children. This is magic!

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